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  We have our own gardens and greenhouse where we organically grow vegetables and greens for use in our kitchen.

  Breakfast - a selection of  cheeses, tomatoes, olives, jams (made from our own fruit trees) and honey (from a local village).

  Main meals - mother Muazzez prepares all the main meals - usually to Turkish and local recipes, but not limited to them.

  There are many places you can choose to eat your meals - under the palm trees, by the rubber or citrus trees, under the grape vine arbor or in our informal dining room.

 We grow our vegetables and greens in our greenhouses. You are free to visit our greenhouses and pick the various products when they are ready.


Grand Aygun Hotel
Ramazan AYGÜN
Çıralı 07980 Kemer Antalya Turkey

tel : +90 242 825 71 44 - 45
fax : +90 242 825 71 85
mobile : +90 533 341 40 96
manager : Mehmet Öner AYGÜN
mail :