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 Cirali is situated approximately equidistant between Olympus and Chimera.  

 Cirali is lush, green and unspoiled yet with modern facilities available at its hotels and restaurants.

 Building restrictions introduced in 1989 mean that it will stay unspoiled and not become like so many of the other high rise package holiday resorts you find in Turkey.

There are vast tracts of forest where you can hike, mountains to climb, ruins to explore. There are 1,000 different types of plant and flowers and 70 different species of bird.

The beach is one of the best and cleanest in Turkey.(

From 1700 m. to Cirali 

The city of Olympus - 20 minutes walk form Cirali - dates back to 200 BC when it was a thriving port city.

 It has had a diverse history - success and decline, Romans, Venetians, pirates - but eventually lost its importance and it has been abandoned for 500 years now. 

 The ruins overlook the beach and are still very impressive. Scattered amongst the forests and the hills a very pleasant day can be spent exploring them.

 Chimera - half an hours walk from our hotel - is famous for its ever burning fires.

They are caused by gas from beneath the surface igniting on contact with the air.

Many myths have been associated with these fires - including them being the breath of a monster that lived in the mountain.

An excursion to see these flames makes a very pleasant outing either during the day or at dusk when the flames burn more brightly.

You can even have a cup of tea there, made by enterprising locals who use the flames to heat the water. 

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